Name: Arika Shinzo

Gender: Male

Age: 15 (can be changed to fit the class)

Class: 2-B (I am just throwing out a class number here, can be changed any time)

Cause of Death: Suicide by overdose of sleeping pills

Location of death: On the bed of the first aid room

Ghost appearance location: On the bed of the first aid room

Ghost behavior: He stays in the first aid room, going around looking for his pearl. Passive. Will not attack player.

Related item: Pearl

Additional information: A well known slacker in his class. On the fateful day, he was sleeping in class just like usual. He dreamed that he was another person that was living in a far away village near the beach. In his dream, he was proposing to his love of his life (his childhood friend from the village) and she accepted the proposal. At this point, he woke up feeling that he needs to keep dreaming to continue his happiness. He wrote down a suicide note, went to the first aid room and overdosed on sleeping pills. In order to sooth his spirit, you need to find a pearl, which he proposed with.

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