I guess, this will be needed for the planning team. I am planning a reference for each member of the class that had committed suicide. Though, before that, a discussion is needed for the list of victim.

What I think should be in it:

  1. Name
  2. Class
  3. Link to each NPC's page (This should be for each NPC's backstory, and if we are going to include the Hyakumonogatari, a reference for NPC quest item).
  4. Additional: Location of death, for spawn area.

What I want to discuss:

  1. Is this needed?
  2. It is already suggested (or decided?) that the victim of mass suicide 20 years ago is about 100 people (the composition of those 100 people is unknown, whether he/she is student, teacher, or other).
    1. How many class is there?
    2. How many people in each class died? Is it the whole population? Is there a class whose members all survived (I guess this one will tie to how many safe area in the game)?

Character List:

1) Arika Shinzo

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