So about the story, let's flesh it out together, Ai-chan can choose what she deemed the most ideal to her vision to mysterious horror game!

Make a page and fleshs it out!


1. What the name of the school?

READ ABOUT Maincanon/Hanaoka_4th_Public_School

2. How many the student in the old school?

If we assume a lass is 40. If we assume the 100 deaths is the majority of the school body then it ill only have 3 class, since 3 x 3 = 90 + teachers + other school staffs. And the shool will be very small.

But if we assume a grander number. (let's say each year has 4 class) then there will be at least 12 class or 480 students + 20-odd teacher + 10-odd other staffs. So about 500 people.It will a medium-sized school.

3. So when do the mass death begins, assuming 500-odd sized school?

If in the early morning: the first 100 people who come to school killed others or themselves. The rest of the students found the horrible scene.

If in the class-time: random 100 people killed others or themselves. This will cause a chaotic "Happening" style death.

Afterschool time: 100 people who still at the school killed others or themselves and then get found out by the others students in the morning or by the worried family and police at late night.

4. What cause it?

Dunnow... What do you think Ai-chan?

MY SUGGESTION: Someone put a curse on it... A really powerful curse... By using the Lady of Red as the hapless first victim (conduit) of this curse. Who done it? A teacher? Fellow student? Lady of Red herself? Cthulhu worshipper? Don't know. By sealing the curse, the Lady of Red can be released/prified/ascend to higher plance of existence., etc.


1. Who is she really?

2. WHAT is she had become now?

3. WHAT cause it?

4. What can she do?

5. What her weakness or limitation?


1. How many class is there?

2. How many floor is there?

3. What kind of facility is available?

4. How far is it from major residential area?

5. When does it built (modern? classic?)

6. What type of it layout (simple? patterned? chaotic like Shinjuku Station?)


1. When the first haunting begin?

2. What the others/normal people/student think about it?

3. Why there ofuda scattered around?

4. Why 4 of the students get dragged on this?

(MY SUGGESTION: They are the descendant-child/grandchild of the survivors on the original mass murder incident, they must finished what their parents/grandparents had started)

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