"Hanaoka 4th Public School". "Flower Hill" to invoke "Silent Hill" sense of name.

The new school will be just called: "Shinoka 1st Public School" since the authority doesn't want to nvoke the tragedy of Hanaoka. Shinoka just means: "New Hill"the Hill is the most important part :D

To put it strangely, let's put it in the fictional "Hanaoka-Shi" in Akita-ken. (there is no such town in Akita. But there is a district of Hanaoka)

A school with about 16 classroom. But only 12 classroom is used.

Number of Students (preIncident) = 474 students. (118 first year; 119 second year; 117 third year)

Number of Teacher (preIncident) = 22 teachers + principal.

Number of other staffs = 6 staffs. (1 schooltaker, 1 librarian, 2 kitchenstaff, 3 administrative workers)

Located on hill, it located a bit far from major residential (since it was next to a.... umm.... swamp? lake? river?), the surrounding area was a.... ummm.... business district? that was deserted on the night and lack trafic.

The local lore talk about the hill as a... umm... some Emishi sacred sacrificial hill? (Emishi is native North Japan tribe on Heian Era)... and umm.... Red Maiden is a.... umm.... symbol of their ritual?

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