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A boring, nameless game.

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Nothing anyone needs to worry about.


Core Mechanics

Quacktales - For random free-floating ideas that you believe can benefit from discussions. A place for you to throw ideas around and discuss before it's posted as structured game events. "What ifs" and "Maybe" ideas are allowed. The programmers will decide if it's feasible from programming perspective.

For first timers, how to use wikia

To make a new page, add pictures or videos or similar, look at the top right. There is a button named 'Contribute' there. Click it and a bunch of dropdown menu will come down.

To add a section or stuff inside a page, press 'Edit' on the page. This should be editable by everyone. If anyone doesn't have this 'edit' button anywhere, please inform me in my profile. Looking forward to fruitful discussions.

BTW, if you can *cough*pierat*cough* Construct 2, please try so. Only to allow you to learn it and know the limitations for it. I'm thinking that if we do end up making money from this, it should be by role. So since there's only two programmers so far, each lone programmers will receive a bigger slice of the pie compared to those in the Ideas/Story role. Of course, those who don't contribute shouldn't get anything. This is assuming we eventually decide to make profit with the game. I'm sure we can discuss the finer details of this when the time comes. If anyone wants the *cough*pierat*cough* copy of Construct 2, you can ask me, I know where to get it.

I'm not telling you to use that particular copy though, so don't get me wrong. lol

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