As the MC take psychological damage, an invisible Sanity meter goes down. When it hits zero, the character will be in complete panic and goes into their own separate "Panic Mode", which are all different for each character until sanity meter restores to an acceptable level.

Sanity level will gradually restore if no psychological damage is taken.

To indicate a drop in sanity level, the screen will show one of the effects that have no bearing on the game play. These effect WILL NOT affect the control or the game in any way. These effects include:

1) Cockroaches crawling on the screen

2) Blood oozing from the ceiling and wall

3) Pictures and statues will move.

4) Screen Distortion (This includes blurring the screen, twisting the screen etc.)

5) Letters and words become incomprehensible

6) Change to 3rd person mode (is this even possible hahaha, im just throwing ideas left and right)

7) Whispers and laughter out of no where.

8) Gradually reduces volume of all sound, ending with complete mute

9) Receives cell phone calls from ghosts/ hear static from cellphone calls

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