I am proposing the set up for this game using tutorial stage as difficulty modifier. Although, this may reveal the map to the player.

  1. The first character surveyed the location at noon. The building gate is sealed by ofuda. From point A, the entry point, to point B, the destination of this game, the player is given the choice to tear the ofuda. Obviously the door belong to entry point A and B had to be torn.
  2. The ofuda can be gently torn, or roughly torn. If it is torn roughly, it would be unusable. If possible, use the difference between the duration the button is held for the decision. If it is torn gently, the ofuda can be added to player's inventory. If the player is in panic mode, the ofuda will be destroyed no matter what.
  3. Since the purpose of those ofuda is keeping things inside sealed, enemy spawn rate should increase proportional to ofuda torn.
  4. Obviously, some key item should be able to be obtained this way.
  5. That player is given time to give the ofuda to other player at the start of the game.
  6. If tutorial mode isn't initiated, then all room is sealed. Which means, as long as the first player didn't enter panic mode, he will be able to collect ofuda (in reverse, the player will be trapped to run if he/she cannot maintain the panic meter and keep tearing ofuda).
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